Mobile Crane Service Louisville

Mobile Crane Service Louisville

Suburban Towing is proud to offer completed mobile crane service in Louisville, Greater Louisville and throughout Kentuckiana. With decades of experience and an extensive truck fleet, we confidently deliver excellent value to our mobile crane service customers. Thanks to our fleet of 30-ton, 60-ton and 75-ton rotators, we can provide top quality mobile crane services for a fraction of the price of large crane companies. Our 75-ton rotator has 360 degrees of rotation and a lift capacity greater than 20,000 lbs. at full extension. For the most affordable mobile crane service in the Greater Louisville area, call Suburban Towing now at 502-964-6500.

Our trucks are capable of loading and offloading heavy equipment and heavy machinery and setting material and equipment on several-story roofs. Whether it’s truss and beam setting, heavy material offloading, or truck cab stacking, our Mobile Crane Team is standing by and ready to help with your mobile crane needs. For affordable Louisville crane rental services, call our dispatch center now at 502-964-6500 to order your mobile crane service.

Our mobile crane service has proven to be a time and money saver for many clients. We can schedule the crane to meet your delivery of heavy equipment, machinery, or other heavy load to ensure the truck is loaded or unloaded as quickly as possible.Our unique heavy haul services include:

Mobile Crane Service KY

Our Mobile Crane Services Include:

  • Truss and Beam Setting
  • Truck Cab Stacking & Unstacking
  • Air Con Unit Roof Setting
  • PREFAB Building Setting
  • Heavy Equipment Loading and Offloading
  • Fuel Tank Loading and Offloading
  • Heavy Material Loading and Offloading
  • Trailer Bunking and Unbunking
  • Spa and Hot Tub Setting

Call the Suburban Towing Crane Team now at 502-964-6500 to get our team on the job for you ASAP.